Aoracreo is a creative initiative that responds to the current situation of mass production and pollution from soft plastics, generated by local businesses in their daily activities.

Cesar Marulanda started this project back in 2011 when he was looking to be self sustainable whilst producing and making products that do not demand new raw materials.

Aoracreo specialises in, collecting, sorting, up-cycling and recycling post-consumer soft and hard plastic waste into functional water resistant materials, that can be made into a variety of products. Plastics are collected within a 5 Km radius from the manufacturing studio, so there is minimal miles involved in the process. When possible, plastic waste is collected by bicycle as it is light and easy to pack small.

By establishing connections with local businesses, the main focus is to divert precious soft plastic waste from ever going to landfill. Plastic bags have incredible technical attributes but the local council does not accept plastic bags on the recycling stream due top contamination issues, which leaves businesses with no other choice but to dispose it in the land fill bins. This has to stop!!!


Not all bags disposed are dirty and unusable, there is tonnes of clean plastic that is going to waste, also crunched plastic bags take up a lot of space, and we believe it is too wasteful to throw useful materials in the bin, when they can be perfectly repurposed for new applications.

Aoracreo now operates from a home based studio in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.