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My story

My name is Cesar Marulanda, I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I am 36 years old. I have been living in Australia for the last 18 years, and here is where my interest in design was born from developing my art skills and the desire to visualise my ideas onto paintings, screen prints and later onto products. 

I began working with plastics in 2011 when I had a need to make my art more functional and also more sustainable, but also because I got taught the incredibly useful technique of ironing plastic bags into sewable fabrics which allowed me to access free materials that could be made into a variety of products. For 5 Years I used this technique to make small products but I was not using the full moulding capabilities of plastics, therefore I decided to study Industrial design at RMIT where learned more about plastics and other materials, and important methods of fabrication common to plastic manufacture that allowed me to create Aoracreo.

Aoracreo is an emerging initiative that upcycles soft plastic waste collected from local businesses located in Moreland city, in Melbourne Australia.

I am part the global collective Precious plastics started by Dave Hakkens who is empowering people around the world with open source machinery to recycle and repurpose plastic waste materials.

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Upcycling soft plastics clip.

2 minute video explaining my research and the methods that were developed this year for my honours project in the reflection and exposition class.