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aoracreo policy

Customer Care

At AORACREO our main customer is the planet. Yes, sorry not you but the planet first, however that inculdes you too! 


In order to put our planet first, we decided to make and follow some guidelines so in our operations, we impose minimal stress on the planet, and that may be not getting all the extra annoying packaging bits that most regular factory mass produced products have. Things are made by hand, in the quiet suburbs of Melbourne by Cesar Marulanda.


We strive to make everything in-house,  from the products we make to our labels, branding and product information by hand. So, please do not expect perfection in these kinds of things as we believe using new paper, cardboard or new anything, does not make sense, it is kind of like using a straw, straws suck!


Because we care about the planet, and about you too, we believe that repairing instead of buying new is the new black, as it actually saves energy on you having to by another pack, it being made, and all of the things that need to happen for you to get a new one.


If your backpack (only backpacks) has a fatal wound that cannot be repaired by praying, bandaids or skilful sewing mates, we offer free repairing services  for life if customers are within Australia, however we do not cover postage fees, unless it is a manufacturing error, and product is returned within 28 days of purchase. 

Be attentive as we are soon to release a series of online workshops where you can learn how to repair your products yourself as well as reinforcing them and making customising them.

Privacy & Safety

We care about your privacy, and it is important to outline how we use the information you provide to us when you enter and use the website. By default, the website provider might use cookies for quicker loading on your browser. 

All information we collect from you such name, address and contact details, we collect by you manually typing it into the provided forms of contact or when adding shipping information details. We do preserve this information as proof of purchase and to maintain a record of what has been going on in the business, but we want to make sure you know your details are safe and we are a tomb.


Of course there is times when internet bad guys want to be bad, and may want to use your information. We hold no responsibility if an act of this nature occurs to our servers. we make sure we use proper safety systems that are always updated, and also rely on the security of the website provider used. 

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in large orders or wholesale prices, please let us know in advance as these products take time to make and the availability of stock is always limited by the amount of plastic available as well as the colours and different types.


Please contact us with details about what you need, and we can promptly reply to your request.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We use Stripe payment methods, which is a very trusted and secure way to buy online. Products can be paid by debit/credit card.

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