Are you feeling sneezy? 


Times have changed, and therefore we must adapt to it. It is now an act of courtesy to not spread out germs and these masks do exactly that. If you are feeling unwell with cold or flu symptoms, or even if you go out to crowded places, it is now safer to add this item to your daily essentials. 


With a triple layer of closed knit cotton fabric, these mask will stop you from touching your face after touching public surfaces, as well as creating a barrier that protects you from incoming germs as well as protecting others when you speak, cough or sneeze.


The masks are far from a being medical grade, but they are better than nothing and it will definitely reduce the chances of catching other's germs.



- Triple layer closed knit cotton

- Comfy elastic cotton ear straps. 

- Washable and reusable. You can sterilize the masks by washing them with hot water above 60 degrees celsius

- Two colors so you can determine which side faces your mouth



Size: 22.5 cm W x 14.5cm L

Weight: 17.9Grams

Material: 100% cotton knit fabric

Colors: Army green, Light Green and Black

Handmade in Melbourne - Australia


Cotton face masks

  • Due to the current situation, these mask are an emergency product being made due to the shortage of face masks in the medical sector. 

    The masks are to be worn on areas that are likely to spread the current virus, so for these reason we do not accept returns.