The creative commuter lite is a sleek and very lightweight backpack that is the smaller cousin of the original commuter. It is specially made to carry the essentials, plus for the unexpected bulky or lengthy baggage.

It features a generous front zipper pocket, a laptop compartment and a unique design that is a one of a kind just like you. 



  • Inner laptop compartment
  • Unique decorative art piece on front pocket
  • Roll top for water protection 
  • Front Zipper pocket
  • Wide shoulder straps for comfortable use all day



  • Recycled LDPE and/or HDPE plastic bags  from local businesses
  • Nylon Closed end Zipper.
  • Polypropylene webbing straps and adjusters



  • Size: 47cm x 36.5cm x12.5cm
  • Capacity: 18 Litres 
  • Load capacity: 8Kg
  • Weight: 320 grams
  • Colour: Green and black
  • Origin of material: Shopping bags and commercially used plastic bags from food and textile industry
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia

Green codes - Commuter lite backpack

  • These are examples of the patterns you could get. Every one is unique. If you want a particular color or style please get in contact.

    Everything composing this bag (except the polypropylene webbing and clip buckles) is handmade at the Aoracreo workshop.

    The outer layers are made from recycled HDPE and LDPE plastic bags collected from local businesses that produce plastic waste during their daily operations in Melbourne Australia. These plastics are turned into a durable, water-resistant and lightweight material that is fully recyclable, customisable and repairable. The lining is made either from upcycled discarded tents collected at music festivals or upcycled fabrics from local shops and friends. The bag features padding using EVA foam from naughty festival goers that leave their camping matts behind, when the party is over. In saying this we are against this kind of behaviour, and in no way we are promoting for people to leave their trash behind, in order for us to make things.


    Both the plastic bags and upcycled tent tops, are water resistant, so you can make sure your items are going to be dry even in a stormy rain, however, plastic bags are not  necessarily waterproof, and our methods of manufacturing avoid sealing tapes or waterproofing agents to avoid more waste, so over extended periods of time under heavy rain, water will eventually leak.