PLAYE stands for plastic layers, and it is our name for the upcycled materials we make.


This wallets were the original product idea that started the whole brand and project, and along the way many refinements and changes have been made. However this wallet remains a classic and in popular demand because, it is a timless design, long lasting and made to carry coins and up to 12 cards while remaining light and slim.


Features :


  • 4x card pockets that fit up to 12 stantard cards
  • Coin pocket
  • Notes compartment
  • Ultra lightweight and water repellent material
  • Closes with stud grip button
  • Long lasting 
  • One of a kind product



  • Recycled LDPE or HDPE plastic waste collected  from local businesses
  • Aluminium stud grip 
  • Nylon thread




  • Size: 22cm x 8.2 cm 
  • Average weight: 29 Grams
  • Colour: Yellow and black
  • Origin of material: Shopping bags and commercially used plastic bags from food and textile industry.
  • Handmade  in Melbourne, Australia



Poison dart - PLAYE Classic Wallet

SKU: AW1-15
  • Everything composing this wallet (Except the stud button and thread) is handmade at the Aoracreo workshop.


    The outer layers are made from recycled HDPE and LDPE plastic bags collected from local businesses that produce plastic waste during their daily operations in Melbourne Australia. These plastics are turned into a durable, water-resistant and lightweight material that is fully recyclable, customisable and repairable.