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quick tutorial

Upcycling plastic bag layers into useful materials.

Check out this quick and basic video tutorial on how to make PLAYE, the material used for making all products at Aoracreo. This technique can also be used for repairing or customising your products if you already own one of our creations.

1. Intro to plastic bags

This is the first of a series of tutorials in which we will be learning about recycling and upcycling plastic bags. This is my introduction and the very basics on how to determine different types of plastic materials used for plastic bags.

2. Materials and playe making

In this video you will learn more about plastic bag materials and the process of how to make PLAYE individually with the two types of plastic we will be using for the rest of the tutorials. It is absolutely important that you watch this video before making PLAYE materials, as i share with you the tricks I have learnt over the years. Make sure you follow the safety indications, and work in a well ventilated area. This process is not toxic, however the concentration of fumes in an enclosed space may be harmful.

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