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What's on!


Every weekend, Sat and Sun 2021

Market stalls at The Rose Street Market

Continuing form a successful 2019 season, we are super excited to keep participating at our favourite craft market. Here is where you can feel and touch our latest creations as well as enjoy a Sunday full of art and craft among many other talented local artists.


Workshops by appointment at the Coburg studio

Making PLAYE. Upcycling plastic bag workshops

Learn how to use plastic bags as a medium for art and design. Learn to create materials that are perfect to make a variety of accessories and products. From wallets to backpacks the possibilities are endless. 

Click the link above to see prices. bring a friend and get a discount. 

If interested in more information about the workshops please contact us: 


Now live in my Youtube channel AORACREO

Upcyling tutorials

Learn how to do what i do! I made a few introductory videos on how to upcycle plastic bags into materials and products.

My idea is that you can also access this information because we are all part of the plastic problem, therefore we should all learn about possible solutions. I hope you enjoy them, like and subscribe for more future tutorials.

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